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Official Event Name: Net Zero 2020: Reimagine, Rebuild, Renew
Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
Time Start: 8:30 AM
Time End: 3:30 PM
Tagline (Created by, Operated By, etc.): Jumpstarting a Clean, Green & Inclusive Economy for Cape Cod & the Islands
Cost: Free (sponsorship opportunities are available)

Tagline: Jumpstarting a Clean, Green & Inclusive Economy for Cape Cod & the Islands
Event Short Description: Helping participants seize opportunity, build business, save money, and learn about re/building an economy that will be clean, green, and inclusive.
Event Long Description: The conference will communicate the roles clean energy programs, public-private partnerships, financial incentives, entrepreneurial opportunities, and individual actions play in growing our economy and improving the environment – all while recovering from Covid-19 impacts and moving the region toward Net Zero.
What will people learn by attending: Cross-sector education, interaction, inspiration, and action moving the region toward a carbon-free future.
Who should attend?: Business, institutional and non-profit leaders from diverse sectors seeking opportunities to reach a carbon-free future.
Who should sponsor?: Public and private organizations such as regional planning agencies, environmental non-profits, builders, and developers.
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Event Hashtags: #netzero #netzero2020

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Save the date! October 23rd Cape & Islands Cllimate Collaborative will be hosting NetZero2020!
#NetZero2020 #NetZero

We are all excited for this year’s free virtual NetZero 2020 event, on October 23rd!

To register go to:
#NetZero2020 #NetZero


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